Close up of Mike Petronella, a middled aged clean shaven man who is smiling

Associate Dean School of Firearms Technology

SDI Time
SDI Faculty since 2015

Courses Taught
BBS 100: Basic Ballistics
BBS 200: Advanced Ballistics
FTT 100: Introduction to Firearms
FTT 104: Gunsmithing Tools Lab
FTT 111: Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting
FTT 114: Custom Kydex Lab
FTT 201: Firearms Finishes and Engraving
FTT 210: Customizing and Woodworking
FTT 211: Stock Refinishing and Metal Work Lab
FTT 214: Hand Checkering Lab
FTT 221: Sights, Optics, and Accuracy
FTT 231: Machining and Manufacturing of Firearms
FTT 240: Shooting Sports Management
*FTT 299: Firearms Technology Elective

Associate’s in Police Science – Fullerton College
Bachelor of Science Criminal Justice – California State University, Fullerton

Professional Background
Police Sergeant-23 years
Head Department Armorer
Head Department Firearms Instructor
SWAT – 15 years
SWAT Team Leader
SWAT Range Master
SWAT Armorer
Less Lethal Munitions Instructor
Simunitions Instructor
Noise/Flash Diversionary Device Instructor
LAPD MACTAC Instructor (Mobile Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capability)
Mobile Field Force Instructor
Breacher (Mechanical, Ballistic)
Narcotics Detective
Homicide Detective
TLO (Terrorism Liaison Officer)

Firearms Industry Experience
Currently work with a major firearms manufacturer dealing in the LE/MIL/GOV field.         

Professional Group Memberships, Certificates & Certifications
Improvised Explosive Device Certified by New Mexico Technical College of Mining at EMRTC-Energetic Materials Research Training Center

Factory Armorer certifications
H&K – MP5, 416, G36, USP
Colt – M16 variants, 1911
Beretta – 92f
S&W – gen 3 semi autos
Sig Sauer P220, 226, 238