Title: Full-Time Faculty, School of Firearms Technology, School of Unmanned Technology

Highest degree and school: Doctorate in Education, St. Thomas University

Teaching at SDI since: 2020

Tim Pardue is a Lead Faculty member at SDI with over 20 years of experience in higher education. His background as an airline pilot and a police officer with over 20 years of experience gives him a strong foundation to teach in both the School of Firearms Technology, where he teaches numerous courses, and the School of Unmanned Technology, where he teaches UAS 101. In addition to the classes he teaches at SDI, Tim is also a certified armorer in multiple platforms, a certified firearms instructor for both police and civilian instruction, a transport pilot and flight instructor, and has developed training curriculum for major airlines. Prior to coming to SDI, Tim also served as an associate dean at Kaplan University, where he led virtual teams and served as a subject matter expert. He earned his Ed.D. in Leadership and Management from St. Thomas University, and also holds dual masters degrees in Business Administration form Northcentral University and in Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University.

Having been involved in firearms for many years in several capacities, including teaching, shooting and collecting, SDI appealed to Tim because it offered the opportunity to continue to share his passion for firearms. When asked what he enjoys most about teaching, Tim said, “Teaching allows me the opportunity to share my knowledge with others who have the same interests as I do. It also allows me the opportunity to learn from our students.”

Outside of work, Tim enjoys shooting, camping, baseball, flying airplanes, and traveling with his family of 7. If time weren’t a factor, he would be interested in learning more about real estate investment. He says the idea of a perfect day can change from day to day, but that generally he enjoys working and then having the time to spend relaxing with family and friends.