Adjunct Faculty

Highest degree and school:

BBA, University of North Texas

Teaching at SDI since: 2022

Trevor McCloud is a faculty member for SDI’s School of Firearms Technology, where he currently teaches FTT 104 – Gunsmithing Tools Lab, FTT 111 – Firearms Inspection and Troubleshooting, and FTE 217 – Modern Sporting Rifle.

A firearms retailer by day, he also worked for a shooting range at one point where he handled issues involving firearm malfunctions and safety. He has quite a bit of experience building, modifying, and troubleshooting firearms throughout the years. Trevor has also taught hand-to-hand self-defense courses, courses that revolve around the defensive use of handguns, and the “License To Carry a Handgun” course for the state of Texas. His education includes a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of North Texas.

When asked why he wanted to teach for SDI, Trevor said, “Firearm technology and design has always fascinated me. This is a great way for me to teach what I have learned to others and continue to learn from others as well.” He stated that his favorite thing about teaching is those “lightbulb” moments when people connect the course material to how something applies to what they are doing.

When he’s not teaching, Trevor enjoys spending time with his animals and family. He enjoys camping, hunting, and reloading, and would like to learn more about the design process for new firearms from concept to market. His idea of a perfect day is “making something cool in the morning, going to the shooting range at lunch, and spending time with my family in the evening.”