Tactical Tendies: The Best Snacks for Range Day

  • Jack Collins

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No one’s going to argue that range days are great. 

We finally get out of mom’s basement to catch some sun (no Vitamin D deficiencies here!), practice firearm skills, and sometimes even interact with other human beings. But in the same way that a gun is just an expensive paperweight without ammo to feed it, you need nutrients of your own to stay frosty. 

That’s why in this post, we’re going to look at some of the best range day snacks to keep your groups tight.

Beef Jerky

Believe it or not, beef jerky is one of the ultimate snack foods. That’s because it’s high in protein, making it perfect for getting energy that your body can use quickly. 

Not only that, but beef jerky also contains tons of vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, potassium, and more. These also give your body access to energy it can use quickly.

That’s not the only advantage of beef jerky, though. Compared to other snack foods (including some on this list), beef jerky has extremely low carbohydrate content. Since eating too many carbs can make you feel tired, beef jerky can provide fast energy without the crash associated with carbs. Plus, it’s keto-friendly!

Ants on a Log

Ants on a log: it’s not just for kindergarteners anymore.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

According to Michigan State University, ants on a log provides the same main benefit that beef jerky does: high protein. In another similarity to beef jerky, ants on a log also features a low carb content. It’s important to note that beef jerky does still boast less carbs than peanut butter does, though.

The raisins in ants on a log are also jam-packed with nutrients. What’s more, they contain another important ingredient that beef jerky lacks: sucrose. As a natural sugar, eating too much sucrose can lead to a crash, similar to caffeine.

However, it’s also great for short bursts of energy. That’s ideal for certain range scenarios like running a three gun course or nailing those last few pigeons in sporting clays. The only downside to this snack is that they’re a little messier than the other snacks on this list.

Trail Mix

You may have noticed some common themes among the range snacks we’ve chosen. They’re packed with protein and other nutrients for fast energy. Trail mix is no different. It’s a tasty amalgamation of bite-sized items that all provide some important part of the nutritional puzzle.

There are plenty of trail mixes out there. Unfortunately, many of them are also packed with sugar. As we’ve said before, sugar can be good in some situations. But it can also cause you to crash after a brief rush, so try not to eat too much too fast.

You may have noticed that chicken tendies themselves didn’t actually make our list of range snacks. That’s because they’re best saved for your post-range celebration. Go ahead, you deserve it!

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