The One-Take Constitution!

  • Joey Upper


In honor of Constitution Day, your favorite podcast host recorded the entirety of the Constitution (excepting amendments, which were recorded in a different episode of the podcast) in a single take!

It wasn’t easy, and it’s actually one of the very first podcasts we ever recorded, so have a little patience!

Joey may have made a bit of a fool of himself in the recording of the episode, but if you haven’t had the opportunity to read the entirety of what is, in essence, the basis for American civic religion, it’s worth a listen.

If you can’t stand to hear it (it is pretty long, and everybody’s favorite host will decidedly not be offended), give it a read.

A good citizen is an informed citizen, and that can include some dense reading.

Keep in mind as well that there’s some pretty brutal language in the Constitution, including but not limited to the horrifying three fifths clause, stating that African Americans are three fifths of a person, but it seemed important to record the Constitution in full.

Enjoy, warts and all.

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