The One That Surprised Me Most Entering the Firearms World

  • Mary Connolly

Beginning any new venture, I always have that sense of trepidation.

I felt that same uncertainty when I became a member of the firearms world. As an outsider to the realm of guns, I went to my first training class (for a concealed carry permit) a nervous wreck.

Not only did I have to pass a multiple-choice test, but I also had to shoot a gun in front of the whole class. I couldn’t even finish my morning coffee.

Off I go to class with my notebook and nerves.

All my angst, it turns out, was a complete waste of time.

In my class and every interaction with anyone in the firearms world has been so positive. During my course for my concealed carry permit, everyone in class had similar questions. The instructors were so patient and passionate.

The instructors wanted all of us to become knowledgeable about firearms. They worked to ensure that each of us could handle all the guns they had us practice with safely. Each step of us learning more about a firearm involved an instructor at our side.

After the classes, I felt prepared to enter the firearms world.

Going to purchase a firearm was the next surprise. At the gun store, the employees and owner were not interested in just selling guns; they wanted to sell you the right firearm for your experience and intended use. It was so refreshing to have expert salespeople to work with.

Lastly, the diversity of the people I have met in the world of firearms is amazing. Again, not at all sure of what to expect, whatever it was, I was wrong. People I recognized from church, the grocery store, and the library, I have encountered in the world of firearms.

Overall, every step of my journey entering the firearms world has been full of unwavering support. The sense of community allows me to feel confident that I can ask anyone for assistance. And the emerging relationships have been more than a pleasant surprise.

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