The Rise of eLearning

  • Jack Collins

When Covid-19 struck, it changed countless aspects of our lives. But perhaps one of the things it affected most is how we learn. Even after the apparent peak of the pandemic, we’re still seeing a shift towards online learning vs in-person classes. It seems like the trend is only accelerating, and eLearning may be here to stay. We’ll take a closer look at the meteoric rise of eLearning in this post.

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The Rise of Online vs In-Person Classes

In 2019, only one-third of the 20 million students that enrolled in colleges and universities in the US took any form of online class. But things have definitely changed since then. In 2021 alone, some sources estimate that more than 20 million people registered for online classes. That’s a massive swing in the span of a year. Undergraduate students made up the biggest cohort of this group, increasing at a rate of 367%. Finally, institutions are seeming to jump on the eLearning bandwagon too, with nearly two-thirds of them planning to continue offering some or all of their classes online.

Those numbers make one thing abundantly clear: eLearning wasn’t just a one-day wonder. Instead, it seems like the pandemic was more of a catalyst pushing education in the direction it was already moving. But why, then, has online learning seen so much success?

Benefits of Online Learning vs In Person

There are several reasons that students prefer online learning vs in-person classes. One of the main benefits online learning offers is flexibility. If you can take classes from home, it’s simpler and takes less time than if you had to attend an in-person class.

It also opens enrollment to students who don’t live in the area. This leads to greater economic equality for students, too, since they don’t have to move into dorms or live in an expensive area just to attend classes. Finally, online learning straight-up gives students more free time. They can spend that studying, socializing, or just doing whatever they want. That’s a powerful incentive, especially for young people today who grew up in the internet’s high-speed world.

Online learning is beneficial for institutions, too. It’s granting them access to students around the world in ways that they’ve never been able to connect before. It’s at an important time for institutions, too, as they struggle to deal with a slow decline in overall enrollment. The trend began in 2020, and it’s continued every year. As a result, online classes may be just the lifeline that colleges and universities need to keep their enrollment numbers up.

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