Top 5 Beginner Drone Maneuvers

  • Jack Collins

Are you just starting out in the world of drones and looking for some easy maneuvers to master? Our recent video aims to help you do just that. Here are five different moves to master with your remote controlled drone with a two-joystick controller.

SDI’s Top 5 Beginner Drone Moves

The Flyover Reveal

This technique is perfect for nailing an establishing shot and giving an audience a sense of scale. Fortunately, it’s easy to perform too! Just tilt your right thumbstick upward as you fly forward.

Close Orbit

This is a great maneuver for when you’re trying to catch some kind of action on the ground from multiple angles or to introduce motion into a shot even though the subjects are stationary. To pull it off, tilt both of your thumbsticks away from each other—left with the left thumbstick, right with the right thumbstick.

Top Down Orbit

Here’s a maneuver that’s similar to the close orbit, but with a twist (literally). To perform it, you’ll want to start directly above what you’re filming. Then, tilt both thumbsticks away from each other (like you would with a close orbit). That’s all it takes!


Think about this technique as the equivalent of sitting on a train and watching the world fly by, except that instead of a human on a train, you’re a camera on a drone. All you need to do is center the camera on the object you want to capture, then use the right thumbstick to strafe from right to left (or left to right).

Pull Back Reveal

This move is sort of an inverted flyover reveal. To perform it, tilt your right thumbstick up while you pull back with your left thumbstick. It’s a great way to start with a small sense of scale before panning the camera to reveal a bigger one.

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