Sonoran Desert Institute

Sonoran Desert Institute makes going back to school affordable and we’re here to help you navigate your funding process.

Sonoran Desert Institute makes going back to school affordable, and we’re here to help you navigate your funding process. SDI’s programs and courses are charged at a rate of $295 per credit hour, plus mandatory, non-refundable Educational Resource Fees (ERF). The Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree program and Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program are approved for use of most VA and TA military education benefits, and Federal Student Aid (FSA) is available to eligible students. We work with each student to make sure that his or her enrollment process and funding plans go as smoothly as possible. Additionally, SDI will honor a tuition rate of $250 for active duty students, regardless of the tuition rate in effect at the time of enrollment. For a full list of funding options, visit Tuition and Funding.

Tuition & Fees

Program Title Expected Completion Time Credits/Hours Tuition Educational Resource Fee Total Program Cost
Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree 2 years 60 Credit Hours $17,700 $2,380 $20,080
Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate 8 months 32 Credit Hours $9,440 $1,190 $10,630
Firearm Technology Individual/Optional Courses 8 weeks varies $295 per credit hr $595 varies

Individual Course Options

All of SDI’s courses are available for enrollment individually for students who are not interested in enrolling in either the Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degree program or the Advanced Gunsmithing Certificate program. To enroll, please contact SDI’s Admissions department.

Lab Tools

Tools and equipment are provided by the Institute and included in the total program cost. These items are shipped to the student with other learning materials and will belong to the student. Students need to have access to a firearm for certain courses and may need additional supplies to complete certain projects. Please visit Lab Tools for a comprehensive list of supplies required for completion of assignments, per current course offerings.

Funding Your Education

Sonoran Desert Institute offers many options to help you fund your education. For information on available funding options, please visit our Tuition and Funding page.

Additional Information

Information concerning tuition, fees, program costs, payment schedules, and financing options may be found on the Enrollment Agreement for each program of study. Details regarding tuition refunds are located in the SDI Refund for Denial/Cancellation or Withdrawal Policy. The student may contact SDI Admissions or Student Services departments with questions or for assistance.

Educational Resource Fee

An Educational Resource Fee is a mandatory, non-refundable fee assessed to students each semester. Once the student has attended a course in a semester, the Educational Resource Fee is not refundable for that semester. Educational Resource Fees are outlined on the Enrollment Agreement.

Refund Policy

Refund calculations will be done for each course the student has started, as determined by academic activities establishing attendance in the course. Please review our Refund Policy for additional information.

Other Terms and Policies

For additional information on continuing education, prior balances, release of records, withdrawals, and SDI’s refund policy, visit General Policies.