UAVs with Jobs: Drones in Warehouse Management

  • Jack Collins

From recording high-flying videos to exploring under the ocean, drones are tackling a plethora of new jobs these days. In this post, we’ll look at one of the newest ways drones are revolutionizing warehouse operations and management.

Drones and Warehouse Management: The Background

The COVID-19 pandemic was a paradigm-shifting event that forced entire industries to revolutionize or die. And one of the sectors that felt it the most was supply chain management. That interruption has sent warehousing companies scrambling to build an agile, functional, minimum-waste warehouse that can run on less money.

Drones can help with that.

Drones can play a variety of roles in a warehouse, enabling, according to Verity, a near-mythic “zero-error warehouse.”

Companies Using Drones for Inventory Management

Several companies have already jumped at the opportunity to integrate drones into warehouse operations. One such company, Verity AG, has even partnered up with the Swiss Government’s Technology Fund to develop their services. 

Verity boasts that their third-party logistics (3PLs) services can significantly reduce warehouse carbon emissions. They project that a 100,000-pallet warehouse using their system can eliminate the same amount of carbon as taking 5,000 cars off the road.

Market Demands

There’s definitely a market for Verity’s services. According to some sources, 80 percent of warehouses didn’t use any automation at all. And of the 15 percent that do use some form of automation, it’s fairly simplistic. Only about 5 percent of warehouses utilize the same sophisticated techniques that Verity does.

That’s changing rapidly, though. Some experts expect this market to increase by 1.5x by 2025. That’s going to mean a ton of new jobs for humans, not just drones. In fact, some sources believe that the UAV industry may usher in up to 100,000 new jobs by 2025.

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