What’s a Barrel Tuner, Anyway?

  • Caleb Tillery

Featured Image Courtesy of Luthier

Unless you are an avid precision shooter, you may not be familiar with barrel tuners.

Barrel tuners are a small amount of weight attached near the muzzle to control the barrel whip or harmonics!

The benefit of controlling the barrel whip is you can accurately set exactly when the bullet leaves the muzzle. Ideally you want the projectile to leave the muzzle when there is little to no movement. This minimizes the tiny amount of variation that is caused by an unpredictable barrel whip, mitigating to a significant extent an entire variable that would need to be accounted for!

The method to evaluate the barrel whip is to adjust the weight in minute increments and shoot groups until the smallest group is achieved. During the life of the barrel, this process will have to be done multiple time as the barrel wears out or the ammunition changes.

All rifles can benefit to some degree with a barrel weight and the largest improvements are seen it lower budget rifles, as the fluctuation on groups size is large.

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