When is the Army’s Birthday: Celebrating the Army’s 247th Anniversary

  • Jack Collins

For many of us, it’s almost impossible to imagine a time before the formation of the US Army. But there was a time, nearly 250 years ago, where the only strictly-organized army in America (meaning not militia, which had its own intricate, albeit less formal, organization) wore red coats. That all changed on 14 June, 1775 though, when patriots from around the colonies mustered to form the Continental Army. We’re looking at when the army’s birthday is in this post.

When is the Army’s Birthday?

On 14 June, 1775, the Continental Congress passed a resolution to form ten companies of expert riflemen to kick the redcoats back to Britain. This had been the culmination of years of abuse that saw King George forcing Americans into disadvantageous economic situations and imposing the billeting of British soldiers in American homes, and other mistreatment, collectively known as “The Intolerable Acts.” 

Along with the ten rifle companies, the Continental Congress also formed several other key offices including:

  • The Adjutant General’s Corps, responsible for coordinating human resources and other logistics.
  • The Corps of Engineers, stationed at West Point, also responsible for building the Military Academy.
  • The Finance Corps, originally known as the Pay Department, the Army’s “money guys.”
  • The Quartermaster Corps, responsible for supply and service operations to keep troops combat ready.
  • The Artillery Corps, which the Army would eventually divide into the Field Artillery Corps and the Coastal Artillery Corps (later the Air Artillery Corps).

The original Continental Army numbered around 20,000 men at its birth. But this plucky group, which saw its numbers expand and contract over the course of a grueling, protracted war, was enough (with serious militia help) to send the British packing by 1783.

Celebrating the US Army’s Birthday: 14 June, 1775

Soldiers in Djibouti celebrated the Army’s birthday in 2010 by cutting a birthday cake with bayonets.

Today, June 14, 2022, marks the Army’s 245th birthday. That actually makes the Army older than the United States itself. To celebrate, the Army put on its own Birthday Ball at Fort Meyer in Virginia. 

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