Birthday of the US Navy

  • Jack Collins

On October 13, 1775, the Second Continental Congress approved the purchase of two armed vessels (the Andrea Doria and the Cabot) to act as privateers against British merchants supplying the Redcoats. Nearly 200 years later, in 1972, Admiral Elmo Zumwalt would go on to declare October 13th as the official birthday of the US Navy.

That marks October 13, 2022 as the 247th Birthday of the US Navy, making its Zodiac sign a Pisces. It’s pretty fitting that the Navy is both a water sign and a fish. Anyway, it’s a huge accomplishment for what’s grown from a collection of privateers into one of the largest and most powerful fighting forces in the world.

Origins of the US Navy

After the Continental Congress purchased the Andrea Doria and the Cabot in October, they authorized the construction of 13 more boats. These shops were to be frigates built over the next three months. On December 22, they appointed Esek Hopkins as the first naval Commander-in-Chief. The Navy’s trial by fire came March of 1776 during the Raid of Nassau. There, the fleet attacked the Bahamas to secure more gunpowder from British stores there.

Photo Courtesy of Official U.S. Navy Page

October 13, 2022: The Navy’s 247th Birthday

To celebrate the event, the Navy is holding a 247th Birthday Ball in Falls Church, Virginia. Themed “On Watch 24/7 for 247 Years,” the black tie event features a cocktail hour (that actually lasts two hours long) before dinner, ceremonies, and a night of dancing.

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