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When you become an enrolled SDI student, in addition to exemplary curriculum you'll receive tools and resources to help you excel throughout your time here. Need help? Call the campus at (480) 314-2102.

Current SDI Student Tools & Resources

When you become an enrolled SDI student, in addition to exemplary curriculum you’ll receive tools and resources to help you excel throughout your time here. We think these tools will help make your student life easier, and we hope you’re as happy with them as we are.

Simply refer to the login information you received in your welcome packet to gain access to your personal updates. If you don’t remember your login info or have lost it, call (480) 314-2102 or email

NOTE: If you are a current student and have questions for one of our SDI team members, please call the campus at (480) 314-2102 or visit our Department Contacts page for department-specific email addresses.

SDI Online Classroom

SDI utilizes a learning management platform called Moodle as your online “classroom.” To access Moodle, you may log in here:

Moodle Login

Student Portal

The Student Portal, which differs from the online “classroom” (Moodle), is a web-based application designed to address the information needs of students, including:

  • Access to your academic records (including academic progress overview, grades, and class schedule)
  • Student Account information (including your ledger card, billing statements, and receipts)
  • Financial Aid Award letters of the past year.
  • Student Portal

    Student Grievance Procedures

    Sonoran Desert Institute is committed to creating a positive environment for all students. We have established processes and procedures to ensure students have a positive student experience throughout their time at SDI. Students should review SDI’s Student Grievance Procedures to determine the appropriate steps for quick resolution. If a resolution cannot be made internally, information on how to file a formal complaint can be found on the Student Grievance Procedures page as well.

    Student Grievance Procedures

    Gun Learn Resource

    Looking for more firearms knowledge to supplement your SDI education? Our partners at the International Firearm Specialist Academy (IFSA) offer an online course to become an accredited Certified Firearm Specialist. Many of the SDI faculty and staff have completed this course and were blown away by the information. This step-by-step course will teach you everything you need to know to keep yourself within regulatory compliance. Please make sure to mention you’re an SDI student or graduate when requesting more information.

    SDI Field Study Options

    SDI Field Study options offer select students and graduates the invaluable opportunity to work hand-in-hand, on-location, with businesses and manufacturers nationwide. Click here to view locations and application requirements. *Note: Field Studies are only available to students or graduates of the Associate of Science in Firearms Technology Degree program. Not all who apply will be selected.

    Field Studies

    Honor Societies

    Looking for a way to set yourself apart from your fellow students? Certain students may be eligible for inclusion in our student Honor Societies, based on GPA, recommendation, armed forces service, and more. Find out about our Honor Societies and what you can do to become a member!

    Honor Societies

    Register to Vote!

    It’s important to us that our students have access to tools that not only make them better students, but also make them better citizens. If you haven’t registered to vote, please do so—it’s your right and civic duty!

    Voter Registration

    Previous Program Versions

    Some of our programs have changed as we continue to make improvements to our curriculum. If you have enrolled in or completed one of our programs prior to 2018, you can find your program here.

    Previous Programs and Program Versions