Drone Jobs: UK Man Uses Drones to Find Thousands of Lost Dogs

  • Jack Collins
Photo by Michael Jin on Unsplash

We’ve taken a look at lots of jobs that drone operators can tackle in previous posts. Usually, drones tackle jobs that are too dangerous or tedious for humans to do, like search and rescue. Today, we’re looking at a different kind of search and rescue drone operator in this post though: Graham Burton, who has helped thousands of lost dogs return to their homes.

Graham Burton: Search and Rescue Drone Pilot for Dogs

When former newspaper photographer Graham Burton started searching for missing pets listed on Facebook, he had no idea what his hobby would turn into. Today, Burton’s group “Lost Dogs UK” has ballooned to 64,000 members. What started as Burton searching for dogs himself has now expanded into a full network of more than 3,000 like-minded drone pilots. The group claims to have helped 2,750 pets return to their homes.

How Does it Work?

When a pet goes missing, its owner posts to the group with as much information on their furry sidekick as possible. Then, the admins of the group compile all of the information and pass it on to one of their local pilots. Since drones can effortlessly cover any terrain, they’re helpful for finding a rambunctious dog who’s escaped to an area that its owner can’t access.

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This story definitely gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. But it also illustrates the increasing utility of drones in search and rescue operations. What’s more, this field is expanding, with plenty of job openings for prospective pilots. If you think a career in drone technology could be in your future, get started with SDI by exploring our full catalog of programs.

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