Gun Safe Organization

  • Jack Collins

If you had taken a look at my gun closet in November, you probably would have gotten an anxiety attack. The entire thing just had firearms and ammo strewn all over the place. It was so bad that my girlfriend took one look inside and said (I kid you not), “That’s kind of scary. It looks like a crazy person did this.”

Knocks against my sanity aside, she was right. I got to work organizing, and now, things are much better. But I can tell my girlfriend will never look at me the same way again.

If only I’d just started off using proper gun safe organization techniques, I never would have lost her respect in the first place. I wish I had seen Jarred McNeely’s video on gun safe organization back when I was first setting up my closet. Here’s how he breaks it down.

Gun Safe Organization Tips

Jarred begins his video by noting that you should never put guns inside of a case in a safe. If you do, it’s easy to end up with a rusty firearm. Instead, leave your guns uncased in your safe and put some kind of desiccant in there to absorb excess moisture.

Another thing that Jarred mentions is that keeping ammo in a safe can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, you’re keeping it safe from intruders who might steal it. Keeping ammo in a safe also protects it from water damage. Those are both good.

However, if you’re trying to protect your guns from fire (one of the big advantages of a gun safe), leaving ammo inside isn’t a good idea. If a fire does break out, your safe will turn into a massive hot box. Then, it’s just a matter of time before your gun safe shares the same fate as the HMS Invincible. Look it up, there are pictures.

Fixing a Messy Gun Safe

Finally, Jarred points out that a gun safe organizer can help keep your weapons well-regulated. Use an organizer to store guns on one side of the safe and cases on the other. Keep rifles to the back since they typically have shorter barrels than shotguns do. Shotguns go in front so they can clear any shelving in your safe.

If you do keep any ammo in your safe, keep it in its original packaging along the top shelf of the gun safe. A shelf is also a great place to keep handguns.

Finally, you can also hang a gun safe organizer from the inside of the door in order to hold accessories like magazines.

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