Gunsmithing Tools You Can Find at the Hardware Store: Part 4

  • Jack Collins
Photo Courtesy of Michiel1972 at nl.wikipedia

Here we go! If you’ve been following along with our list of gunsmithing tools you can find at the hardware store, you’re in luck. Here’s the fourth entry in our series. We’re going to go in-depth on some more obscure tools that can help you perform a variety of gunsmithing functions.

Torx Head Screwdrivers

Okay, so we’ve covered regular screwdrivers and Allen wrenches (hex keys) in previous posts. In this entry, we’re going to look at one kind of screwdriver that’s a little more uncommon: the Torx head screwdriver.

You can use the Torx head screwdriver, unsurprisingly, to tighten and loosen Torx head screws. Torx heads, which conglomerate Textron developed and patented in the 1960s, are shaped like six-sided stars. You can commonly find Torx head screws across a wide range of applications, including electronics, cars, and – you guessed it – firearms.

For example, many optic mounting systems make use of Torx head screws. If you’ve ever opened up a Vortex scope and wondered how on earth you were going to tighten these funny screws, a Torx head screwdriver is your answer.

Photo Courtesy of Afrank99

Machinist’s Bench Block

Okay, so here’s a tool you won’t be able to find at every hardware store. But you can find some kind of variation of a bench block at stores like Cabela’s – or even Walmart. And its utility has planted it firmly on our list of gunsmithing tools you can find at the hardware store. We’re talking about a machinist’s bench block.

A machinist’s bench block is essentially a piece of metal with various-sized holes in it. You can use these holes as guides for a ton of different purposes. For example, a machinist’s bench block is super helpful for getting a pesky metal punch out of a hole.

There are also some instances where you may need to drill out a soldered piece of metal (like replacing the gas piston on an AK’s bolt carrier group). This is the kind of tool that you never think about – until you find yourself in a situation where you desperately need it.

What are some other tools you’d like to see mentioned? Let us know on social media. To read the previous editions of this series, click on the links below!

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