Military Appreciation Month 2023

  • Jack Collins

Being in the military can be a thankless job sometimes. The job itself can be endlessly stressful, and it can also place a lot of strain on relationships. That’s not the case in May, though, when we observe Military Appreciation Month. We’ll look at what Military Appreciation Month is and when we will be observing it in 2023 here.

When is Military Appreciation Month?

In 1999, Congress officially designated May as Military Appreciation Month. During May, we honor members of all the branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, Space Force, and National Guard. Unlike Memorial or Veterans Day, Military Appreciation Month is for all service members, current or past, living and deceased.

Congress chose May because we already have several military-related holidays this month, notably Military Spouse Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day (observed this year on May 12, 20, and 29, respectively) The military also has some holidays of their own in May, including Loyalty Day, also known as VE Day. Fun fact: Loyalty Day was originally known as “Americanization Day,” but Eisenhower changed that in 1950.



Military Appreciation Month 2023

While the U.S. Military does often hold celebrations to observe special holidays, no branch of the service is doing anything special for Military Appreciation Month specifically. However, each service does have celebrations for Memorial Day and some of the other specific holidays this month.

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