Partnerships and Perks

Sonoran Desert Institute

We are committed to our students’ success by creating unique academic programs that add value to their lives.

At Sonoran Desert Institute, we are committed to our students’ success by creating unique academic programs that add value to their lives. One of the innovative ways we accomplish this is by developing significant and relevant relationships with industry leaders. These collaborative partnerships are an essential part of our mission as well as a key to the resulting academic achievement of our students. What does that mean for our students? An ever-expanding network, and lots of tangible ways to reap the benefits of being part of the SDI family.

Our partners generously offer many services and products at a discount to Sonoran Desert Institute students. As a result, these strategic associations directly benefit our students by enhancing their learning experience. And because this participation involves such well-respected industry leaders, our students gain the expertise they need to succeed in their chosen careers.



The Greek Aklys is a devastating short Spear that is at the Apex of hand thrown weapons development, Aklys Defense strives to parallel this peak of evolution with modern firearms technology. Welcome to


The American Custom Gunmakers Guild (ACGG) is dedicated to the advancement of the art of custom gunmaking. The Guild strives to preserve and promote the beauty, artistry and standard of excellence for professional custom gunmaking craftsmen. Whether you’re an aspiring craftsman, hunter or collector, the ACGG is the best resource for the finest custom firearms and gunmaking information. (


Ares Armor is home of 80 percent lower receivers. Here you will find products to legally make your own weapon. Whether purchasing a billet, forged or polymer 80% lower receiver; we are there to assist you exercise your 2nd Amendment Right. Build your own: 80% AR15 firearm, AR10 weapon or 1911 pistol legally, without government intrusion. Ares Armor also manufactures and sells combat body armor and innovative tactical gear in Nylon or Kydex. Made in America. (


The Mission of the Armed Citizens Academy LLC is to provide quality, affordable, and reliable firearms training in a practical and efficient manner. So that all legally armed citizens may feel confident in their abilities to defend themselves or their loved ones. We have the right training for any experience level. (


AXELSON SUPPLY, LLC, based in Cupertino, CA, supplies outdoorsmen with high-quality products including FrogLube, “a cutting-edge biodegradable lubricant.” Other products include muzzle brakes and survival gear. (


DEZ Tactical Arms is a manufacturer of precision rifles and parts. Our focus is in military-style firearms, primarily the AR-15 and AR-308. All of our firearms are assembled, tested and certified in-house. Every firearm is put through a 40+ point inspection, live-fired for accuracy and function in our controlled indoor range, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. We strive for excellence, and our utmost concern is providing high quality products. (


Elftmann Tactical is a firearms accessories innovator. We have complete line of triggers for the AR platform, the only triggers with needle bearings! Products in the prototype testing phases include the first and only AK-47 drop in trigger, 10/22 drop in, 10/22 Bullpup conversion, a sealed needle bearing battle trigger and more. (


EZ2C Targets were developed by a family of shooters. Over the years we got bored with the same old black targets and frustrated with our inability to see where our shots were landing. We started designing and printing targets for our own enjoyment that would be easier to see and to put some variety in our shooting. A ton of lead and years of trial and error later, we came up with a dozen different styles of handgun and rifle targets. Now we can see where we shoot, we shoot more often and shoot more rounds at each outing. Fellow shooters using our targets had much the same experience. With their urging, we have decided to make them available. (


The guide walks you through the entire process the ATF uses to determine whether you will be approved or not. This way you have a chance to correct any issues BEFORE you submit your application. Save time and money! (


Fighter Design is a small company that designs and manufactures innovative products for the American warrior. (


We are a Type 7 manufacturer FFL/SOT specializing in class III firearms and suppressors. We are also NRA Certified Instructors. We are a full service gunsmithing shop specializing in custom builds and custom duracoat finishes. (


Do you want to take the confusion out of the field of firearms and ammunition? Our partners at the International Firearm Specialist Academy (IFSA) have done just that. Their program unscrambles the confusion of the firearms field in an easy step-by-step online program. This program provides the knowledge base to protect yourself from the dangers of injury, job stress, civil suit and lost court cases. Sign up to be one of the leaders in this technical field by becoming a Certified Firearm Specialist now! (


Since it's inception, High Tower Armory, LLC has been dedicated to providing customers with an unparalleled level of satisfaction with both our products and our service. To achieve this level of customer satisfaction, the team at HTA focuses on providing customers with innovative, dependable, and American made products in an atmosphere completely permeated by the belief that the customer always comes first. (


For over six decades, Hornady has produced the most accurate bullets and ammunition available and revolutionized the reloading tools industry with leading innovations. (


Iron Hammer Armory is a family owned and operated Blacksmith-Armorer shop and Type 7 Federally licensed firearms manufacturer located in Byers, Colorado U.S.A. that specializes in Kalashnikov variant rifles, as well as the 80% 10/22 platform. IHA is also a leading innovator in hard use survival tools like the Rogers Belt Hatchet, and the Minuteman Survival Hatchet. (


JMT is the manufacturers of the JMT 80% Gen 2 AR-15 Lower Receiver and Jig, made in the USA, of high strength composites and polymers. (


K & M Arms is a small firearms manufacture that has developed a revolutionary design for a bullpup configured rifle that solves the current issues with all the other bullpup designs and that is of the lousy trigger pull. This revolutionary concept allows the pull weight to be fully adjustable between 3-5lb and is super easy to adjust with just a turn of a set screw. This design also uses similar components and some of the same parts as your AR-15 style rifle. (


Mesa Kinetic Research LLC specializes in long range precision tactical rifles as well as custom kalashnikov platforms. In addition to building firearms, we offer consulting and training services to interested parties seeking solutions throughout the industry. (


Modern Spartan Systems (MSS) was founded in early 2013 with the purpose of forever changing the shooting industry. The goal is to transform the perception of firearm maintenance as a “necessary evil” to an anticipated understanding that proper cleaning and lubrication with the unique MSS formulas will produce a plethora of rewards, including, yes, improved shooting accuracy. (


While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world. But the NRAs’ successes would not be possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours of service our nearly four million members have given to champion Second Amendment rights and support NRA programs. (


The NSSF is the leading organization in the shooting, hunting and is the firearms industry’s leading trade association helping to promote, protect and preserve our industry and our sports. (


The NRA Business Alliance was established in 1992 to provide NRA member businesses with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members. The NRA’s Business Alliance web site, service directory, member magazines and promotions, and NRA member businesses reach nearly four million NRA members. (


OffHand Gear is a line of USA Made sassy apparel and functional range bags designed by a woman shooter for women shooters. My products are not your typical items with "girly" colors thrown at them and labeled a "woman's" item, these are designed from the ground up for women. One example, on my NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag), the strap, it resembles that of a bungie rifle sling. This was done not just because it's a unique idea and cool, but women's shoulders are built different, the wide straps normally found on gun/tactical bags fall off our shoulders. Ever notice that women use the opposite hand from the shoulder the bag is on to hold the strap there? One this is uncomfortable and two if you need to act quickly to get your weapon out, good luck, it would be difficult to do without switching hands up or the bag falling off of her shoulder. With my NORB, the strap sits in the woman's shoulder, much like a bra strap would, therefore distributing the weight of the bag better and keeping your cross hand free and available. This is just one feature of the NORB (No Ordinary Range Bag) that again is specific to a woman's needs and perspective. (


Parallax Tactical is a one-of-a-kind firearms business in the Southern California area. Specializing in modern sporting rifles, Parallax Tactical is a one-stop shop for guns, parts, accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, modifications, coatings and even laser engraving. (


We are a business owned by retired law enforcement and we choose to do a majority of our business with Veterans, LEOs, Firefighters, and First Responders. We have your back while you’re a student, and we will be your partner once you are in the workforce. If there is ANYTHING we can do to help you achieve your goals, please do not hesitate to ask Mike. (,,


We are a tactical training company based in central Pennsylvania. Our curriculum is designed for civilian, law enforcement, and private-sector groups and individuals. Our experienced instructors have served in the U.S. Army Special Forces and other elite units and bring principle-based training for students ranging from beginner to expert. All of our courses are based on proven principles and practices, not flavor-of-the-week trends or some video game. These courses are built on the "Rockwell Mindset" and cover everything from the most basic of firearms handling to advanced close quarters marksmanship and tactical medicine. This "Warrior Mindset" philosophy is at the core of everything we do and train about: Your firearm is just a tool, your mind is the real weapon. Regardless of your age, gender or occupation, if you have a desire to improve your knowledge and skill in the use of firearms then our courses are for you! (


At San Tan Tactical we want to leave a proud legacy of American Made firearm design. By innovation, superior performance, and value. American Made, through and through is the core value at San Tan Tactical. San Tan Tactical wants each and every shooter to be completely satisfied! Giving them absolute pride of ownership in each product we design and manufacture. San Tan Tactical believes in America, and the heritage upon which this great nation was built! We are a company owned and operated by Americans for Americans! We only utilize the finest quality American Made machines in conjunction with the highest quality American made materials. At San Tan Tactical we pride ourselves to give unparalleled customer service by, listening, understanding, and quickly satisfying our shooters needs, desires and/or concerns. San Tan Tactical will never forget that our future success depends on the legacy of our past. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied! (


Savoy Leather creates handcrafted 100% made in the USA heirloom quality leather holsters. We use heavy leather and the highest quality supplies available. Holsters are all made to order and are designed and molded for the specific gun model. We have lots of art styles and carry options as well as many customizable models. (


SoCo Kydex is a Colorado-based, veteran owned company which produces a full line of weapon retention systems. Products produced are driven by customer demands and include systems for EDC, General range, competition and mag carriers. (


Headquartered in Miami, Taurus Holdings, Inc. owns or represents some of the most recognized and valued brands worldwide, including Taurus®, Rossi®, and Heritage™. Known as an innovator within the firearms industry, Taurus Holdings is a leader offering quality and value-packed firearms to the United States and Canada. (


Bold and on target, the Outdoor Patriot Show is outdoor talk like you’ve never heard it. Award-winning writer and producer John Meng hosts America’s leading podcast dedicated to defending our American outdoor traditions with straight talk, lively commentary and one-on-one interviews with industry leading guests. (