SDI Grad Opinion: The Best Glock You Can Own

  • Caleb Downing

Yes, you read that title correctly.

In the next few minutes, I will lay out my argument for the Glock 23 as being the best Glock to own. So, without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Back about ten years ago, I got my first Glock. It was a police trade-in model 22. I picked this particular model based on Glock’s reputation, the price, and its .40 S&W chamberings (The Gun Rack host Joey would roll his eyes at that. That being said, check out his podcast titled Glock vs. The World).

It didn’t take long after getting the Glock 22 before I started doing some crazy reliability tests. I shot the pistol with it full of mud, ran over it with my truck, dragged it down country roads – pretty much everything short of shooting at it with a shotgun. Overall, that pistol passed with flying colors. For reasons that elude me now, I ended up selling that pistol only a few years later. 

Moving forward in time to about six years ago, my wife got me (well, she gave me the green light to purchase…) the Glock 23 as a graduation present.

I picked this model over the Glock 22 based on its slightly smaller size. I wanted something I could carry concealed yet still give me sufficient firepower and round count for me to feel comfortable.

The Glock 23 did a fantastic job of doing just that. I carried it for years on the hip, appendix, and even in a shoulder holster. 

One major upside to owning the model 23, and really any of the .40 S&W Glocks, is that you can easily swap out the barrel with a 9mm conversion variant. When I found this information out I purchased a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and fell even more madly in love with the model 23. At the time, 9mm was a very cheap cartridge and being able to shoot it instead of the 40 S&W saved me a nice chunk of change. 

So why do I feel the Glock 23 is the best Glock model to own? It is compact enough to carry every day and not get in the way. It is capable of firing 9mm, 40 S&W, and 357 Sig with a simple barrel swap. It is an affordable piece of quality Austrian craftsmanship. If those reasons aren’t good enough for you then I don’t know what I could say to sway you. 

So what do you think? If you could only pick one model out of the entire Glock line up what would it be? Let us know on social media!

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