Student Ambassador Program

Sonoran Desert Institute

SDI Student Ambassador Program

At SDI, we consider ourselves lucky to work with so many truly exceptional students. We’ve had students from all 50 states, with diverse and interesting backgrounds, and we love getting to know them during their time at SDI. We also believe that it takes more than intelligence to succeed as a student: it takes passion, drive, outstanding work ethic, and a positive attitude. For those students who have positioned themselves as the best of the best at SDI, we’re pleased offer the unique and exciting experience of being an SDI Student Ambassador.


What It Means To Be An SDI Student Ambassador:

The SDI Student Ambassador program exists to both reward the school’s best and brightest students–the ones who truly believe in SDI and what we stand for–and to provide the world a peek into the life of an SDI student. As an Ambassador, students selected will be walking, talking representatives of SDI. As such, they will be provided with an SDI polo, hat, firearms repair mat, patch, challenge coin, custom 5.11 Range Ready bag, Present Ams Gunners Mount, and admittance to a large industry expo during their Ambassadorship Term, during which time they will be able to network with and be personally introduced to SDI partner organizations, in addition to any other vendors and businesses at the event. At the end of the Ambassadorship Term, all SDI Student Ambassador will receive written/electronic letters of recommendation from each of the Student Ambassador Selection Committee Members, as well as introduction emails to each of the points of contact for SDI’s Field Study Partners. Candidates are nominated by instructors and chosen by the Student Ambassador Selection Committee (President, Chair of the School of Firearms Technology, Director of Marketing).

SDI Student Ambassador Requirements:

  • Ambassadors will be required to submit four (4) videos during their Ambassadorship Term (topics vary, but may include presentations of lab projects or builds, insights into what online learning means in a firearms application, an overview of the event they attend, etc.).
  • Ambassadors will be asked to submit a written wrap-up of their time as an Ambassador, due within 30 days of the expiration date of their Ambassadorship Term. This should be delivered as a Word document attachment in an email.
  • Ambassadors, as natural proponents of the school, may also be utilized in cases where prospective students would like to hear from a current student on what life as an SDI student is like, either via email, phone, or on various social media platforms.
  • Ambassadors are expected to behave appropriately, respectfully and professionally during all school-related interactions.

Eligibility and Selection

  • SDI Student Ambassadors are nominated personally by SDI Instructors
  • Nominees must be a current student in the AGS or ASFT program
  • Nominees must have a 3.5gpa or better
  • Nominees must be in good financial standing with SDI
  • Nominees must be a full-time student at SDI during the duration of the Ambassadorship Term
  • Nominees must submit head-and-shoulders photo and application, including essay
  • Nominees must sign all media releases, performance agreements, and release of indemnity
  • Nominees must be able to pass a background check
  • Once a student has been nominated, SDI will check the financial and academic standing of the nominee before notifying the student of his or her nomination
  • SDI will alert all approved nominees of their status, at which point the nominee may choose to submit their SDI Student Ambassador application, photo, and background check form (photo and background check form must be emailed to
  • Upon receipt of each nominee’s application, photo, and background check form, the Student Ambassador Selection Committee will then select up to 3 Ambassadors per Ambassadorship Term.

Ambassadorship Terms and Deadlines:

  • Term 1: Jan 1-April 30
  • Deadline for Term 1 Applications: December 1st, 5:00pm PST
  • Term 2: May 1-August 31
  • Deadline for Term 2 Applications: April 1st, 5:00pm PST
  • Term 3: September 1-December 31
  • Deadline for Term 3 Applications: August 1st, 5:00pm PST

Additional Information:

Any questions about this project can be directed to Jennifer McInnis, SDI Director of Marketing. Please email her at