ThinkPads for eLearning

  • Jack Collins

They may not be the sexiest computers out there, but they’re a determined workhorse that can take on any task. From streaming video to completing online coursework, there’s no job that a Lenovo ThinkPad can’t handle. In fact, the ThinkPad is even one of the best computers out there for eLearning. We’ll look at what makes a ThinkPad a top laptop for online classes in this post.

The Best Laptop for Online Classes: Could it Be the ThinkPad?

Way back in 1992, IBM released its first ThinkPad computer. It proved to be revolutionary, as it was essentially the first notebook computer, created decades ahead of its time. In 1998, the ThinkPad became the first computer certified for astronauts to use on the International Space Station. That’s a distinction that these machines have continued to hold until today. If they’re good enough for NASA, they’re definitely a good enough computer for your online classes.

Old-School IBM ThinkPads on the ISS

By 2005, IBM was pivoting. The company wanted to get out of the home computer game, and they saw their chance with Lenovo. Lenovo purchased IBM’s home computer business, including the ThinkPad brand, and became the #1 producer of hardware running Windows in the world.

Best ThinkPad Computer for eLearning: ThinkPad Yoga

There are a few different ThinkPad models out there these days, and they’re all great for different types of work. But perhaps the best ThinkPad computer for eLearning is the ThinkPad Yoga. With a bright and powerful 14-inch display, you won’t find a ThinkPad out there with better visuals. That’s really important for online classes – particularly hands-on ones – since you need to be able to actually see what’s going on in your classroom.

The Yoga also has a sleek, fast, and quiet keyboard, which is perfect for taking notes during web-based courses. As a Mac user myself, this is actually a pretty big selling point, since my MacBook has loud, chunky keys that always seem to make people ask why I’m typing so angrily (I’m not, I swear). The ThinkPad Yoga rounds out its performance with 16 gigs of RAM and 512 gigs of storage. Depending on the deal you find, you can get a ThinkPad Yoga for between $1200 and $1500.

Best ThinkPad on a Budget: ThinkPad X13

If you’re strapped for cash (and let’s face it, what student isn’t), you may not be able to fork up $1500 for a ThinkPad Yoga. Fortunately, Lenovo has you covered. If you’re looking for a budget ThinkPad for online classes, don’t sleep on the X13. You can find these bad boys for less than $1000 in a lot of places, which makes them a great deal.

The performance is a little bit lower than the Yoga though, with a 13.3-inch screen, short battery life, 8 gigs of RAM, and a 256 gig hard drive. However, these machines are also highly durable, which makes them a great companion for any student. Definitely don’t miss out on a ThinkPad X13 if you’re looking for a computer that combines good performance with a lower price point.

Experience the Future of eLearning at SDI

At SDI, we’ve embraced the technological revolution that eLearning provides. And regardless of whether you choose a ThinkPad or some other kind of computer, you can take online classes from the comfort of your home with SDI. To learn more about our certificates and degrees in Firearms and Drone tech, check out our full list of programs here.

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