Troubleshooting Trigger Problems

  • Jack Collins

The AR-15 platform is pretty great. It’s lightweight, packs a punch, and is robust enough to go “bang” every time you pull the trigger. But what happens when you run into problems with your AR-15’s trigger? SDI grad and Certified Alaskan Mountain Man Caleb Downing is going to help us answer that question in his recent video.

Troubleshooting AR-15 Trigger Problems

Caleb starts off his video by explaining the problem he’s experiencing. While shooting a piston-driven (bufferless) AR-15, his trigger suddenly died.

First, Caleb tried doing the first thing anyone should in that situation: remedial action, also known as “tap, rack, bang.” This simple process involves forcefully tapping on the magazine to ensure it’s properly seated, then racking the gun to charge it, and finally pulling the trigger.

This will solve the vast majority of firearm malfunctions. However, it wasn’t helping Caleb. On top of that, Caleb couldn’t engage the safety on his gun. So, he had to open the gun up and take a look at its internals.

One quick look and Caleb could instantly diagnose the problem. He’d lost a tiny screw on the adjustable gas system on his bolt carrier group. By removing the bolt carrier group and trigger, Caleb could retrieve the screw and reattach it to his adjustable gas system. Then, all he had to do was reassemble the gun and get back to shooting!

Learn to Fix Other Firearm Problems at SDI

Caleb closes out his video by explaining that this isn’t a particularly difficult problem to fix. But before you can fix it, you need to be able to diagnose it. If you don’t have the knowledge to diagnose these kinds of problems, you’re going to need to bring your gun to a gunsmith.

Better yet, it’s 2024 — be your own gunsmith! At SDI, you can learn the skills to help you diagnose and fix problems like Caleb’s on the fly. To learn more about the classes and programs SDI offers, click here.

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