Sonoran Desert Institute Launches New School, Certificate in Unmanned Technology

  • Joey Upper

Sonoran Desert Institute is a DEAC accredited online school that helps students to learn the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in the fields relevant to our courses of study. To date, that has largely involved the world of firearms technology. In recent years, SDI has exclusively focused on firearms technology. 

Not anymore. 

Sonoran Desert Institute is proud to announce the launch of a new school: Sonoran Desert Institute’s School of Unmanned Technology, and a new program within that school: the Certificate in Unmanned Technology – Aerial Systems. 

The Certificate in Unmanned Technology – Aerial Systems program provides students with a solid foundation of historical, technical, and operational knowledge about unmanned aircraft systems. Students learn how unmanned aircraft systems are used by commercial businesses to make their operations more efficient, cost-effective, and safer.

Course topics range from aviation management to UAS engineering, unmanned aircraft systems, FAA regulations, flight testing, and more!

SDI’s faculty is comprised of professionals with decades of industry experience, and SDI programs are designed to combine modern learning methods, hands-on training options, and the flexibility of online education.

Interested in learning more? Come to to learn more! 


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