History of Success

Sonoran Desert Institute

The Sonoran Desert Institute is the oldest home study gunsmithing certificate in North America.

One aspect of SDI that is truly unique is our rich history. It allows us to stake a claim as one of the oldest home study gunsmithing certificate in North America, and it allows today’s students to reap the benefits of an online gunsmithing program that has stood the test of time.

Sonoran Desert Institute began in 1921 under the name School of Gunsmithing. Since then, it has transformed into an internationally recognized school offering multiple programs, including one of the only Associate of Science in Firearms Technology degrees in the country, some of the nation’s best Gunsmithing Certificate programs, and diverse armorer programs. SDI continually uses the expertise of its leadership and advisory board to expand and enrich its program offerings.

Because SDI can trace its roots back to its initial start by a World War I field artillery officer, our gunsmithing college courses and firearms training programs continue to be the main focal point of our entire organization. The school spent much of its earlier days under the watchful eye of generations of military personnel—including a World War II B-17 navigator—and for that reason and others, SDI is honored to maintain its status as a military-friendly college. A large number of our students are active or past military members, and we’re proud of that.

Nowadays, the SDI School of Firearms Technology’s name has become synonymous with quality education, delivered in a flexible, online learning setting. Our courses are constantly updated and upgraded, and our students and graduates find our courses challenging and convenient. We are happy to continue along our proud path and build on our rich history today. Want to join our family of outstanding students and grads? We’d love to help you become a part of our ongoing history of excellence.