Mission, Vision, and Purposes

Sonoran Desert Institute

SDI’s Mission

To provide students with current, firearms industry-driven, higher education programs delivered through distance education technology and practical application. SDI is committed to an ongoing investment in our instructional processes and continuous improvement objectives. Our success is measured by the overall satisfaction of our students and alumni, as well as our relationships with industry partners.


Students of Sonoran Desert Institute will develop advanced job skills that will empower them to be outstanding employees and responsible workplace leaders. These graduates will make decisions based on sound judgment, technical competency, and an awareness of the connections of their academic discipline, the workplace and their community. Each graduate will be committed to improving their workplace knowledge and skills. Sonoran Desert Institute will accomplish this by continually improving its curricula, instructional delivery and customer service while successfully building partnerships with the students, the community, and the industries it serves.


  • Ensure that each student displays a mastery of the knowledge and skills required of his/her selected discipline.
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and practice academic integrity.
  • Ensure access for students through open enrollment, multiple entry points, and year-round instruction.
  • Provide innovative instructional practices that address diverse learning styles.
  • Use technology to create effective instruction and increase the learning resources available to each student in order to improve student learning.
  • Use regular assessments to validate student learning and to continually improve the curricula, services, and all other aspects of the Institution.
  • Foster a spirit of innovation and teamwork that produces academic quality, superior service, and convenience for all students.
  • Generate the necessary financial resources to support the Institute‚Äôs mission.

Vision, mission, and purposes of Sonoran Desert Institute are reviewed, appended if necessary, and approved by the SDI Board of Trustees each year at its annual meeting.