Sonoran Desert Institute

You have lots of choices for your education, and we’re glad you’re considering SDI's School of Firearms Technology to help you hone your skills and advance your career. But what makes SDI the best choice?

A History of Success

Sonoran Desert Institute was founded in 2000, and was approved for training by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education in 2001. The Institute was accredited in 2004 by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). This accreditor is recognized by the United States Department of Education. At its inception, the Institute offered Gunsmithing as a program, and ultimately established the School of Firearms Technology. Today, with over 1,000 students enrolled, the entire curricular focus is on firearms-related programs and courses.
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Learn From the Best

SDI’s elite faculty and staff include celebrated military personnel, nearly 75 years’ worth of combined higher education experience, nationally recognized firearms experts and more. Students can contact their instructors online any time, and responses are quick and personal. We are a small school with the luxury of knowing each one of our students—and we’re planning on keeping it that way.
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Innovative Programs

Learning about guns is great, but we at SDI think that’s just not good enough. We’re committed to the advancement of the firearms industry through providing the best training available. That’s why we’re constantly updating and upgrading our curriculum. We strive to always provide new and exciting course options for our students, and that’s why we have the best graduates in the industry.
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Partnerships and Perks

If you think a stellar education is the only perk you get with your SDI program, you’re wrong. Along with a comprehensive program and personalized instruction, being an SDI student gets you some major networking opportunities (and awesome discounts!) with our strategic business partners.
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What Our Students Say

Any school can claim that their students are happy; we took it a step further and asked our students to submit their thoughts on the program. Remarks highlighted the convenience of our online programs, the quality of education they received, and the personalized attention they got from our staff.
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Tuition and Fees

Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about student loan debt and the cost of education. We strive every day to not only deliver an affordable college experience, but to also offer convenient payment options. Many of our programs are also approved for use of most military and veteran benefits programs.
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Catalog and Accreditation

What does it mean to be accredited? It means that in order to offer degrees and certificates, we’re held to rigorous standards on everything from curriculum to course materials to instructor credentials (and much, much more). Since 2004, SDI has been accredited by the DEAC (deac.org), or Distance Education Accrediting Commission. The Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC) is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency.
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At SDI, we want to be more than just an online gunsmithing school. We’ve worked hard to offer unique degree and certificate options, delivered as conveniently as possible, that work within your budget. Let us show you how hard we’ve worked to help our students start careers in a field they’re passionate about. We’d love to help you take the first step towards doing something you love!

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